shutterstock_110787518Warrants come in all shapes and sizes and given the fact I have been in practice for over 23 years, rest assured I have seen every warrant scenario known to mankind. Okay, that might be a little extreme but the most important thing is that I will be able to address the warrant quickly and with many years of guidance behind me. The sooner you can get to court with me the more likely the prosecutor and/or judge will continue the case without any problems or significant bail.

Listed below are what I believe sums up pretty much 90% of every type of warrant that I see on a weekly basis.  Now, this is not an exhaustive list but my guess is that if you are on my website for help your warrant falls within 1 of thesecargoes.

1. Failure to appear warrant

Not a week goes by where I don’t receive a call for someone who either lives instate with a warrant or has most recently just found out about a warrant and lives out of state. Warrants can surface for a variety of reasons. The most common reason for a warrant is you have failed to appear.  Warrants however can range from probation violation warrant’s, payment defaults, as well as charges being lodged against you that you were not aware of.

2. I got in trouble years ago and thought it would go away warrant.

If you think that those bad judgments in high school and college, that resulted in you going to court will go away, think again. Time does not heal this type of scenario. You may have had issues in the past with; mental health, drugs, family, or personal drama and stress, or simply poor decision making that lead to the situation where you got yourself into trouble and got a criminal charge and hoped by ignoring it, it would go away. Ironically sometimes having stayed away from court might actually assist you in resolving the case favorably.  For instance, let’s say you skipped out on a pretrial hearing date in 1998 on an operating under the influence second offense. Serious charges no doubt but a lot can happen in 17 years since you’ve been on the lam. Arresting officers might be retired or the results of a breath test reading might not be admissible.

3. I didn’t know I had a warrant until the RMV suspended my license warrant.

This happens a lot for people who moved out of Massachusetts. The Commonwealth puts information in national databases, and you will be flagged in other states in circumstances like this. I have a lot of experience in removing warrants for out-of-state clients by representing their interests without the client actually having to fly back into Massachusetts.  This certainly depends on the type of case because your license has to be suspended but usually it’s motor vehicle related and this can result fairly easily.

4. I failed my drug test and now I have approbation violation warrant

If your probation officer believes you may have violated the terms of your probation; you can be arrested at any time. A probation surrender warrant could be issued for failing to meet with your probation officer, failing a mandatory drug test, missing required classes for drug or alcohol treatment programs or anger management, or any other reason your probation officer may deem a violation.  It’s imperative to address this type of warrant immediately. I would quickly arrange to bring you into the court that has jurisdiction as well as speaking to your supervising probation officer to lessen the impact of the violation. For instance, if you fail the drug test it would be critical for you to come into court with a negative drug test from a certified testing agency such as a hospital.


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