For reasons unknown, I have seen a rise in the amount of cases involving child pornography.  These cases typically involve state of the art prosecutions involving forensic experts at the prosecutor’s disposal.  Typically, all it takes is one clickon a link to these sites or a download where your IP address can be as detailed as a fingerprint

What is Possession of Child Pornography in Massachusetts?

The statute prohibits any form of possession of material that depicts someone under the age of eighteen doing the following: (1) engaging in sexual intercourse, (2) engaging in oral or anal sex, masturbating, engaged in a lewd act, urinating or having a bowel movement in a sexually explicit way, (3) engaged in sadomasochistic activities, or (4) depicting or posing a lewd exhibition of the genitalia. In addition, the depiction does not have to be real. In other words, simulation of the prohibited acts can satisfy the district attorney’s burden of charging a subject with this crime.

A large majority of these cases commence with a search warrant authorizing a search of a computer.  You and your family may be home one night and there is a knock on the door.  The police have received information from either an informant or from a clutter/forensic program detailing the IP address is located at your home. They execute the warrant meaning that they enter the home, contact the occupant and go directly to the computer. The computer is usually taken to the crime lab for further analysis. This is a life changing event to be sure but it is defensible none the less with appropriate expertise and knowledge.  Do not risk going at it alone.

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