shutterstock_20940487smallWhen children or young adults get in trouble with the law, it can be tempting to write off the incident as simply “kids being kids” and a record that will simply disappear However, the criminal justice system does not share this attitude. A conviction of even the most minor-sounding crime will result in a criminal record that can follow your child for life. A criminal record can also negatively impact his or her ability to receive certain loans, find housing, employment, or could lead to their suspension or expulsion from college. The repercussions make it extremely important to protect your child’s future with strong legal representation.

A criminal conviction as a college student can land a promising future in jeopardy, and can be a huge disadvantage when seeking employment or post-graduate education. As your representative I will do everything we can to limit the negative consequences for your child. The process of collegiate hearings is much different from that in the criminal justice system. Typically, hearings are held quickly and the role of a lawyer is quite minimal. Usually the process begins with a letter directing the student to respond in writing.

Within one to two weeks a hearing would be set up in front of a judicial board comprising of the students and administrators. The standard of proof at these hearings is much lower than if the criminal process is begun in state court. The penalties can range from a slap on the wrist to expulsion. Sexual assaults on campuses have garnered much attention from the media and typically can have the most serious consequences when the subject matter deals with these issues alone. My experience is that the colleges and universities would rather deal with this type of case at the college level than have it pursued at the courthouse level. Universities want a feeling of security for co-eds since any level of an unsafe campus can have a big negative impact on enrollment.

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