Most of my appellate practice at this board is done in the Marlboro District Court where the board meets each Friday at 10am and 11am.  The Board of Appeals of the Division of Insurance hears cases regarding various suspensions from DUI revocations, hardship licenses, license reinstatements, revocations ignition interlock devices, juvenile operator license (JOL) violations, habitual traffic offender revocations, immediate threat suspensions, and drug violations.

The Board has the legal authority to override modify or reverse virtually any decision of the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  A memorandum is typically filed with the application and should give the overall reasons why a client of mine is not only eligible for a hardship license, but why one should be granted.  Factors such as financial outlay as a burden should be accompanied by proof by documenting things such as taxi receipts and public transportation costs.  In addition, having a family member present who the client has relied on for all of his/her rides can make a very powerful real life example for the board to look at and possibly take some sympathy for the person, especially if it’s a grandpa or grandma carting you around.

The Board of Appeals may reverse the license suspension or revocation, shorten its duration, uphold the suspension/revocation, or order the Registry to issue a Massachusetts Hardship License. You will receive the board’s decision by mail. If you do not get the requested relief, you have the right to appeal the decision to Superior Court. You must file your appeal within 30 days of receipt of the board’s decision. If the Board of Appeals orders the Registry to reinstate your license, you must bring the board’s written decision to the Registry to get your license reinstated.

The most important factors to be considered in the appeal process is to be humble, prepared, and documented.  Employment or educational opportunities that have been diminished are certainly areas of futile argument.

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