counselling-smallThe stresses of life can pull us in various directions often times turning even the simplest things into the complicated. In an attempt to manage these stressors, the inclination for people to unwind by engaging in excessive alcohol or drug use is increased. Over time, this method of stress management may not work as anticipated and can lead to greater problems, including criminal charges.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges because it feels like life has been getting the best of you, it may be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I inform every potential client who walks into my office that I can handle the criminal aspect of their case without hesitation. The question becomes what to do after the case concludes so that you avoid becoming a repeat client.

You didn’t plan on getting arrested or charged with a crime but since you did, I can assist you in not only getting your life back from the court system, but also with taking a significant step to getting your health back. I am neither a licensed therapist, nor counselor, but a defense attorney cannot practice in this area of law without the understanding that drugs and/or alcohol are involved in over 90% of every case. I am experienced and knowledgeable in implementing a plan to deal not only with the criminal charges induced by underlying drug/alcohol but how to initiate a lifestyle change.

I want to create an approach that will allow us to obtain the best possible result for you in your criminal case in the short term. In many instances I try and get clients to be proactive with their case. This might involve attendance at AA or outpatient counseling. In some more serious situations, a more compressive in-patient alternative might be the best course. Not only will this have a dramatic short-term positive impact on your case, but the positively influence these actions will have in the long term cannot be understated.

I can assist you in taking an important step to changing your behavior pattern. I have recommended with great success two in-patient programs. Golsnold Treatment Center which is located in Goalmouth on Cape Cod & Brattleboro in-patient Treatment Center located in Brattleboro, Vermont. In addition, on a more personal level of outpatient treatment, Dr. Timothy Hoffman is a local counselor who has assisted many clients in securing dramatic life style changes.

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I have had tremendous success in the area of my practice and understand what needs to be done in order to increase your chances of obtaining a successful result.  If you have questions, please contact me at my office at (508) 791-9001 or by cell phone at (508) 769-7995.   You may also e-mail me or text me.  I take great pride is a very quick response time and will promptly schedule a free initial consultation at your convenience.  I have also begun to conduct quite a few meetings via FACETIME or SKYPE for those clients who are either out of state or have license issues.