In Massachusetts, by statute, persons accused of committing a misdemeanor are generally entitled to an opportunity to be heard in opposition to the issuing of a complaint. A misdemeanor is a crime which cannot be punished with a state prison sentence. On many occasions I have had complaints issued in error and have been able to remand the case back to the level it should have been in the first place. This sometimes happens when a client has failed to formally request a hearing by signing the back of the citation and sending it to the court.

This requirement does not apply (1) if the accused has been under arrest for the offense(s) for which the complaint is sought, (2) if there is an accompanying felony charge, (3) if the application for complaint is denied summarily, or (4) if the magistrate decides that there is an imminent threat of bodily injury,confession of a crime, or flight from the Commonwealth by the accused.

It is a misnomer that just because a case may be scheduled for a clerk’s hearing, a lawyer is not necessary but this can not be any further from the truth. Because a complaint has yet to be issued I will fashion a game plan to give us the best chance for a favorable outcome or fashion a resolution that keeps the complaint from being issued altogether. Prior to the hearing I will evaluate your case and prepare arguments in an attempt to convince the clerk magistrate to dismiss the application for complaint against you. The importance of a complaint not issuing is that there is no public record of it — and it would be as if the charge never happened at all. When a potential client calls my office to ask whether or not they should hire a lawyer, my response is typically that,whether I am going to represent them or not, a lawyer should accompany the client. The danger for an unrepresented defendant is that his or her ignorance of both the legal and practical aspects to a clerk’s hearing may give you the false sense of security in going at it alone.

Needless to say, a clerk’s hearing is a terrific opportunity for you to keep your record clean.

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